We are based in Melbourne and have 25+ years of experience in helping startups (and established companies) across Australia with their technology‑related businesses (and the technology / online aspects of traditional businesses) and related shareholder / investor arrangements.

Due to client confidentiality we don’t disclose client names, but we have worked for the following (and many others):

  • various “sharing economy” startups
  • fintech businesses
  • cloud-based storage startup
  • iPad board papers app / service
  • consultancy
  • online training business
  • mail processing business
  • printing outsourcing business
  • major fund administration software supplier
  • telco / broadband resellers
  • major national loyalty program
  • startup recruitment company
  • patented water heating device business
  • multiple IT consultancies
  • startup online ticketing business
  • solar industry business
  • 3D printing businesses