Resources (and FREE legal documents)

Startup Legal has a large bank of precedent documents for your startup company.  The benefit for you in that is that in many cases much of what you need in your legal documents has already been prepared – reducing the time required and the cost (as we only charge for the time spent in customising them for you).

In addition, please feel free to use the following FREE documents (on the legal basis, and subject to the restrictions, set out in our Terms of Use, which you will be taken to accept by downloading a document).  You don’t need to register with us to use them – just go ahead and use them.

  • Confidentiality Agreement – a one-way confidentiality agreement (or Non-disclosure Agreement / NDA) for use when you disclose information or ideas to a third party
  • Contractor Confidentiality Deed (simple, one-way, no IP transfer) – confidentiality agreement for use with contractors and suppliers
  • Digital Advertising Agreement – an website advertising agreement (or app advertising agreement) for website or app owners to sell advertising space on their website or app
  • Director Resignation Letter – to effect the resignation of a director, and release of the relevant company by the director regarding the resignation
  • Disclaimers – for emails and newsletters
  • Intellectual Property Transfer Deed – to transfer IP, including software (also consider putting in place the Personnel Deed below to cover future IP generally)
  • Licence Agreement – a basic End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for software
  • A Rough Legal Guide to Choosing a Name for your Startup – as the title suggests, this is a rough legal guide to choosing a name for your startup company or business (or your startup’s product name)
  • Novation Deed – to transfer an existing contract to a company
  • Personnel Deed (confidentiality, IP transfer, moral rights) – for use with employees and other personnel (similar to an employee confidentiality agreement, but more comprehensive)
  • Share Transfer Form – for use in transferring shares
  • Share Transfer Package – a package of documents (share transfer form, board resolution and share certificate) to implement a transfer of shares (n.b. usually a Share Sale Agreement should also be agreed – please contact us to discuss us providing one)
  • Share Issue Package – a package of documents (share application form, board resolution and share certificate) to implement an issue of shares (n.b. usually a Subscription Agreement should also be agreed – please contact us to discuss us providing one)
  • Shareholder Agreement – the Australian Investment Council (previously known as AVCAL) has provided a number of useful documents (including a pro forma shareholder agreement) on an “open source” basis here.  Not every clause is drafted in favour of founders and we recommend that it be revised to suit your particular circumstances, particularly if no VC fund is involved – please contact us if you would like assistance with that.  We can also provide you with a shareholder agreement and other documents based upon our own precedents.
  • Startup Employee Option Plan – documents released by the ATO to help you set up an employee share scheme (in the form of an option plan) where you are a qualifying startup
  • Website Terms and Conditions of Use – for a simple non-trading site, without user posting functionality

To use the above documents you don’t have to provide your name or other details.  Just download them and use them!

If you haven’t found what you need, then please contact us.  We’d love to hear any suggestions from you for other legal documents that could be provided as a pro forma for startups.


Q: Why are these documents free?
A: We think Australian entrepreneurs have better things to spend their money on.  We are happy to provide these standard documents so that startups can focus on more significant tasks.

Q: Doesn’t free = lower quality?
A: No. These are the same quality of documents as would be provided to you by a large law firm.

Q: Are there any catches?
A: You can only use them in the way explained in our Terms of Use, but for most startups that won’t be a problem.  You don’t need to register your email address with us before using them – just go ahead!

Q: What’s in it for Startup Legal?
A: We only ask that if you have any questions, or need any customisation, then you consider contacting us for help.  We’re looking to establish long-term relationships with innovative companies.

Q: What if the document I need isn’t listed?
A: Contact us.  It is likely that we have what you need – on either a free of charge or fee-paying basis, depending on the circumstances.